The Role of the Communication and Public Relations Department in Fulfilling MECC’s Mission.  

The Communication and Public Relations Department has a pivotal role in providing “shared services” to the entire MECC organization. A harmonious and professional communication department is essential to MECC’s ability to express its position on key issues affecting churches in the Middle East. Therefore, the communication team has an important role in promoting MECC’s mission and work, its Christian and Church unity, and the common witness of the churches, striving for peace, social justice and human dignity. It will do so based on strong commitment, well-defined planning and operational effectiveness, to connect with our partners around the world, and to secure funding opportunities. The Communication and Public Relations Department is one of the primary mechanisms through which we “build bridges”.

The Main Objective of the Communication and Public Relations Department is to strengthen the ability of the Council to serve its ecumenical and inter-religious mission as a bridge builder and to sustain resources for Christian presence and witness in the Middle East. It will do so by raising awareness about the Council’s work, promoting its message and values to the global public, forging connections between churches, and building a communication network among Churches.


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