Ecumenical Communion and Dialogue

The main commitment of MECC consists in seeking the visible unity and the full communion between Churches in the Middle East so that the World believes in the Good News. Therefore, the Theological and Ecumenical Department works on the promotion of the theological reflection and dialogue among the different Churches in the Middle East. It is also involved in the ongoing theological and ecumenical dialogues and programs on the international level, through a network of relations and partnership with the WCC, REO’s, Vatican, GCF and other ecumenical bodies or organizations.

MECC is committed to dialogue and activities which support interfaith relations, equitable citizenship and harmonious co-existence among people of diverse faith traditions, from high level dialogue among religious and political leaders, to grassroots efforts among youth that are aimed at breaking down barriers and increasing social integration across religious lines. The Theological and Ecumenical Department is providing all MECC departments with theological foundation and spiritual tools in order to accomplish this objective. The Department is also providing studies and reflection to spread the theological and ecumenical awareness throughout the Diakonia and Communication Departments.


The Department has four main Programs:

1.       Theological commission and Advisory Group

2.       Interfaith and Dialogue

3.       Ecumenical formation

4.       Family (Woman, Youth…)