General Assembly

It is the supreme authority of the Council. It consists of 64 delegates representing the four church families. Every four years, the General Assembly holds a regular meeting to discuss matters related to church unity and to the situation of Christians, as well as to define the council’s future vision and elect a new Executive Committee with its Secretary General.

Presidents Council

It supervises the Council’s proper functioning during the period between two general assemblies. It is composed of four delegates elected at the General Assembly and represent all the member churches.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of 24 representatives from the member churches is concerned with following the spiritual, administrative and financial issues of the Council with the Secretary General, Associate General Secretaries and the MECC administrative body.

General Secretariat

The Council affairs are run normally by the Secretary General who is elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the bylaws and regulations. The Secretary General is responsible for the proper functioning of the programs and activities, in accordance with the decisions of the General Assembly, the Presidents Council and the Executive Committee. He is also assisted by three Associate General Secretaries. Linked to the General Secretariat are the following departments: The Theological and Ecumenical Department, the Department of Communication and Public Relations, the Diakonia Department, the Administration and Financial Department.