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Pope Francis received a delegation from the MECC

Pope Francis received a delegation from the MECC headed by its Secretary General:
The Synodality is the basis of the ecumenical path, “Kairos ME Towards Churches Global Compact” project have my blessing and support.

MECC Partners Meeting Mini Documentary

A mini documentary summarizing the general outlines of the last MECC Partners Meeting which was held at Dhour Shoueir Evangelical Conference Center, May 6 - 9, 2019.

MECC "Diakonia" Department Home Elderly Care Course in Tripoli - Lebanon

The MECC “Diakonia” Department concluded on Friday, May 24, 2019, a home elderly care course, in cooperation with the LEAD Healthcare Consultancy in Tripoli - Lebanon.

MECC Secretary General Dr Souraya Bechealany on Human Fraternity Meeting Abu Dhabi

Sky News Arabia - 04/02/2019

MECC Secretary General Dr. Souraya Bechealany declared that the meeting of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, with His Holiness Pope Francis of the Vatican, during the International Conference for Human Fraternity – Abu Dhabi – UAE, is of great importance for changing the mindsets of many people around the world. In an interview on “Sky News”, Dr Bechealany stated that the meeting of the World Religious Leaders founds a new dialogue among civilizations, stressing on the importance of active initiatives towards diversity, tolerance, and coexistence.

A Tribute from MECC in the memory of His Eminence Anba Bishoy




Due to circumstances of war, the meticulous care and organization of the MECC Archives was lost. Thousands of books, reports, VHS tapes, DVDs, photographs and video reels were hastily boxed up and taken to a safe location away from MECC’s Head Office in Beirut. This necessary, yet tragic, situation resulted in the temporary loss of access by scholars, theologians and MECC itself to a rich historical record on Christianity in the Middle East, Ecumenism in the Middle East and MECC’s past.

In April 2018, MECC began the long process of restoring its Archives, digitalizing the contents, and upgrading access options to include an online portal for the most important documents and media. Stage 1, which was completed in April 2019, has been to categorize all materials by media and topic, and calculate the quantity of items in the archive. Stage 2 will continue from there until May 2020.

This will be a multi-year journey and we hope you will follow along! Watch our documentaries below and stay tuned for updates.


The Middle East Council of Churches presents the Bridges to Bethlehem documentary series for Christmas. This series of 12 short documentaries showcases the rich diversity of tradition surrounding the celebration of the Nativity of Christ the Child across the Middle East. Filmed in six countries (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, UAE, Egypt and Iraq), the series represents churches from all four ecclesiastical families of the Council — the Eastern Orthodox, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Catholic families.

MECC Staff Members Participate in One Lebanon’s 2017 Annunciation Day Video Campaign