MECC Secretary General at the Vatican

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The Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches, Fr. Dr. Michel Jalakh, participated alongside approximately 200 representatives of various faith traditions and religious institutions from around the globe in a special interfaith audience at the Vatican in Rome, November 2-3, 2016. The purpose of the Interfaith Audience was to reinforce Pope Francis’ commitment to inter-religious dialogue, tolerance and peace initiatives. In the context of today’s conflicts and a rise in religious extremism in the Middle East, the Pope’s message was particularly relevant.

In his remarks, the Pope reiterated his strong moral and theological opposition to any violence — including terrorism — inspired by religion.

“It is horrible that at times, to justify such barbarism, the name of a religion or the name of God himself is invoked,” he said. “May there be clear condemnation of these iniquitous attitudes that profane the name of God and sully the religious quest of mankind.”