MECC Condemns Israeli Police Assault Against Coptic Monks and Interference on the Monastery Grounds of Deir al-Sultan in Jerusalem’s Old City

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MECC Secretary General Dr.Souraya Bechealany, condemned the Israeli police assault against Coptic Deir al-Sultan monks outside the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem’s Old City and their interference on the Monastery grounds, saying: “Once more the Israeli occupation shows its blatant violations to all conventions, agreements, human rights and international laws on all levels, not only including violation against sacred Christian symbols, but also Islamic symbols as well. Therefore, we appeal to the international community for a conscientious stand to protect these sacred symbols and the rights of the Palestinian people”. Bechealany added: “As the Middle East Council of Churches strongly condemns the assault of the Coptic Deir al-Sultan monks for no real reason, but only an alibi related to implementing laws on renovation works, we call the Churches to pray in solidarity with the Deir al-Sultan monks and with the suffering humans in Palestine. We are eager to seeing the day when international justice will take place in the Birthplace of Christ, so that the violations of the Israeli Occupation be terminated. It is high time to put an end to human tragedy and suffering in the Occupied Palestine. It is also time to find a way to protect the Sacred, preserving its original call, i.e, promoting peace, justice, and reconciliation.”