HB Yousef al Absi: We must Support the MECC mission for building bridges and bonds of unity among the Eastern Churches

Dr. Souraya Bachealani, the General Secretary of the MECC, visited His Beatitude Yousef al Absi, the Patriarch of Antioch, and all the Eastern Melkite Catholic church, at the headquarters of the Patriarchate in Damascus.

She was accompanied by father Gaby Hachem, the head of Department of Ecumenical and Theological Affairs of MECC, and Mrs. Huguette Salameh, the head of the MECC Communications Department.

The visit included a presentation of the role of the Council and its ecumenical, theological and relief projects in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular.

From his part, His Beatitude, the Patriarch of Antioch blessed the ecumenical message held by the Council. He also stressed on the importance of supporting it as a bridge where the churches of the East can meet and a link that unites them.