His Holiness Aram I delivers a lecture to the Youth of the Ecumenical Institute for the Middle East


Source: Armenian Church, Holy See of Cilicia

On the evening of Friday, July 12th, 2019, His Holiness Aram I delivered a lecture to a group of young representatives of Middle East Churches from the Ecumenical Institute for the Middle East. The lecture entitled “The Church in the Current world.”

 His Holiness talked about the church as the Christ’s body and underlined that being a Christian means belonging to the church. He stated that the church, besides being a community of faith, is a mission of faith, and from this position the Catholicos talked about the different spheres of the mission of the church.

 In the second part of his lecture, His Holiness explained the ecumenical movement and stressed the aim and the significance of it in today’s world.  

 The lecture concluded with a Q&A.