MECC at the Third ACT Alliance Assembly: For "Hope in Action, Putting People First"

The Middle East Council of Churches is participating in the Third ACT Alliance Assembly in Uppsala –Sweden (28 October- 1 November), through its delegation headed by the Secretary-General, Dr. Souraya Bechealany, and the Director of Ecumenical Relief Service Samer Laham. The Act Assembly in partnership with the Church of Sweden and Diakonia-Sweden join more than 400 delegates, guests, observers and facilitators from Churches around the world participate under one theme “Hope in Action, Putting People First”.

The assembly was opened officially with a speech of the Archbishop of Sweden Antje Jackelén inspired from the Mathew 15:21-28, “We need to cultivate our own hope, if we are to foster hope among people in situations of crisis, poverty and injustice”.

Specialized workshops were held the second day. Secretary General Dr. Bechealany chaired the first meeting concerning the Middle East, which focused on the expectations from the assembly, nomination of candidates in the governing board from the MENA region, and some public statements that should be voted on in the second executive session that followed the regional meetings.

MECC delegate Samer Laham represented the Middle East in the public statement committee that reviews all statements and declarations of the assembly forums and regions.