Works of 81 Women in an Exhibition for Knitting and Cooking | Syria

The Middle East Council of Churches organized a one-day exhibition in Al-Hafah village in the countryside of Latakia and Fayrouza village in the countryside of Homs to display products prepared by women who participated in a program in which the Council offered training courses on cooking, embroidery and crocheting for two months.

The first exhibition presented crochet and embroidery products manufactured by 60 women, who benefited from vocational courses in Al-Haffah village, while the second exhibition in Fairouzeh included different kinds of foods prepared by 21 women, who participated in cooking vocational training in that village. All exhibition products were manufactured using the specialized tool kits distributed to trained women upon completing the vocational courses.

The importance of the exhibition stems from the deep interest of the Ecumenical Relief Department of the Middle East Council of Churches MECC in assisting affected and displaced women; and motivating them to employ the knowledge gained during the two months’ vocational courses so they are able to financially support themselves and their families. The exhibition was an opportunity for beneficiaries to raise some income through selling their products.