MECC Secretary General visits Heads of Churches in Lebanon

In preparation for the executive Board meeting of the Middle East Council of Churches on the 22nd January in Atchane Beirut, MECC Secretary General Dr. Souraya Bechealany met with several Church leaders.
She therefore convened with His Beatitude Krikor Bedros XX Gabroyan, the Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholic Church in the Beirut Patriarchal See.
She also met Father Dr. Habib Badr, President of the National Evangelical Union, at his headquarters, and Patriarch Mar Ignatius Joseph III, Greek Patriarch of Syriac Catholics of Antioch at his headquarters in Beirut.As for her final visit, she met his Beatitude Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra’i, Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East of the Maronites at the headquarters in Bkerki. The executive Board meeting of the Council set on the 22nd, should tackle various issues regarding ecumenical and theological projects which aim to foster dialogue, unite churches, and build bridges. One project for instance that will be discussed, is the youth meeting organized jointly with the TAIZE community.