Vocational Training Program to support Youth in Aleppo | Syria

In cooperation with the Armenian Protestant Church, MECC implemented a Vocational Training Program in Aleppo aiming at supporting youth to enter the labor market. These courses targeted 200 young women and men between 18 and 45 years old.

The courses which took place from 2 to 3 months, included a variety of specializations: female cosmetology and makeup, fashion and jewelry design, computer and mobile maintenance and web design.

Thereafter, the best 60 trainees were selected to join a five-day business startup course where they learned the basics of establishing a small business. At the end of the course, 60 toolkits were distributed to participants as per their specialization such as computers, sewing machines, etc…

At the end of the sessions, MECC team organized a graduation party that was attended by all the participants in the vocational courses and managers of the institutes, to distribute the certificates.

One of the participants in the make-up course said,” I learned a lot of new information… I will startup my own business and do what I love. I will be able to achieve that thanks to the acquired knowledge in the courses and the professional certificate I received.”