MECC concluded a home elderly care course in Tripoli


Department “Diakonia” of the Middle East Council of Churches concluded a home elderly care course in the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, on Friday 24th of May 2019. This humanitarian program was carried out in cooperation with the LEAD Healthcare Consultancy and concluded by distribution of certificates and nursing kits to 22 women of different ages. The course included 125 hours of theoretical and practical lessons at the LEAD center, in some Tripoli hospitals and nursing homes, and focused on how to care for the elderly physically and psychologically.

In this context, Mr. Ahmed Mustafa, general director of LEAD, thanked the MECC for its initiative to guarantee for the women a social stability and a respectable financial return. He noted that, thanks to this course, some young women had been able to secure a job in some nursing homes. Mustafa stressed the importance of a future cooperation between the MECC and the LEAD Foundation for the benefit of the Lebanese society.

In turn, the women expressed their gratitude to MECC for this opportunity that will allow them to enter the labor market through a highly sought-after specialization in the Lebanese market, and hoped that they will undergo new sessions supported by MECC.