MECC delegation hosted by the Danish Church

At the invitation of the Danish diocese of Aalborg, a delegation from the Middle East Council of Churches conducted an Ecumenical visit (May 24-31, 2019) to learn about the Lutheran National Church, its service and life in Denmark and to acquaint the parishes and the believers with the situation of the Church in the Middle East, and the council’s humanitarian and social situation. The delegation was led by Father Gaby Alfred Hachem, Director of the MECC Theological and Ecumenical Department. DANMISSION had the utmost priority in preparing and facilitating the visit.

The delegation representing the four ecclesiastical families of the council, consisted of eight members, women, men, priests, secularists and youth, dispersed in the parishes. They were hosted by the believers who interacted with their testimonies about the situation in the Middle East, in particular their lives in the Churches and the relationship with their Muslim brothers as well as the social and economic situation.

They also visited the bishop of the Diocese, who conveyed his greetings to the Patriarchs. The delegation also discussed with the parishes of the Aalborg Lutheran Church the possibility of strengthening their relationship and enhancing the communication and cooperation between MECC and the DANMISSION Foundation.