MECC WASH Team Rehabilitation Activities in 2 Schools in Damascus & Aleppo | Syria

MECC WASH team conducted rehabilitation activities of WASH facilities in Al Asieh and Al Hayat Schools in Damascus and Al Iman Private School in Aleppo aiming at securing a healthy and hygienic environment for students.

1641 students benefited from the rehabilitation of wash facilities including infrastructure and equipment, rainwater drainage system, sewage and water pipeline systems (pipes, pumps, taps which are covered by metal umbrellas and water tanks) in addition to installing floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, wooden doors, electrical wiring as well as painting the facilities.

Angella Ghanem, Director of Al Hayat School in the Old City of Damascus, stated: “Rehabilitation activities improved the situation of wash facilities at our school. Before the rehabilitation, Bathrooms were in a poor condition and some were unusable, which caused a problem to students. Moreover, students refrained from washing their hands in rainy days due to the absence of umbrellas above the sinks”.

The rehabilitation process was accompanied by a hygiene awareness campaign. MECC team informed children about personal hygiene practices for disease prevention and correct handwashing methods.

Father Danial Neemeh, Director of Al Assieh School stated: “It is important to introduce personal hygiene culture to the children at a young age because habits established during childhood are carried on into adulthood, and subsequently, transferred into generations.”