Winter Kits Distribution in Daraa | Syria

MECC distribution team helped 2823 families who returned to Dara’a Al Balad area in order to face one of the major challenges during the harsh winter season. The team distributed 5164 adult coats and 6400 winter clothing kits including shoes to children whose ages ranged between 5 to 18 years old.

The happy laughter of children was heard among the crowd that gathered in the city to receive their share of winter clothing.

Mr. Muhannad, 45 years, said:” I am very happy to see the joy and excitement in the eyes of my children. I am glad that the kit includes winter coats for my wife and me. The winter is very cold this year while the population of Dara’a Al Balad were not able to buy the clothes needed to keep their children warm”.

Ms. Hasna, a 47 years old widow, said,” We do not have money to buy new clothes. We receive old clothes from neighbors or relatives. Those clothes are usually worn out and do not save from the winter cold.”

The winter kits included pants, socks, wool pullover, winter jackets for children, winter pajamas, cotton underwear, wool hats and scarves in addition to shoes.”