Health awareness course about prominent diseases | Syria

MECC Health Program team implemented health awareness raising courses for 150 women in Bloudan, Al-Tal and Maloola in Rural Damascus, in addition to Ghabagheb and Izraa in Da’raa.

The four-day courses covered most prominent diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, breast cancer, osteoporosis, Asthma, Gout and other chronic diseases.

Participants were introduced to the causes, treatments and prevention methods, and learned about the first aid basics, family planning, and the importance of pre-marriage tests. Also, they have learned about the sexually transmitted diseases, good nutritional habits and the correct methods of using blood pressure and diabetes measuring devices.

In this context, the trainer Dr. Elian Derani, said “The participants interaction was very good. They were very interested to know more about presented topics and didn’t hesitate to ask questions”. He stressed that the women “were even eager to do researches after the sessions, then came back to inquire of other any ambiguity.

The trainer highlighted the importance of this course in raising health awareness concepts, especially with the spread of many inherited misconceptions in the society.

One of the participants said  “my aim was to discover the right nutrition methods to help my daughter who is suffering from cerebral palsy and acute anemia, but the benefit of the course exceeded my expectations: I learned the first aid basics, which is essential in my daughter’s case, and got acquainted about the diabetes that I and my mother suffered from”.

At the end of the course, every participant received a hygiene kit and awareness brochures.