Vocational training courses for 50 participants in Tartous | Syria

The MECC team conducted vocational training courses on the mobile maintenance, women hairdressing and cooking principles and basics for 50 participants from both men and women, in Tartous governorate. The courses lasted for two months and a half, and were followed-up delicately and continuously evaluated by the MECC team.

The participants then attended a six-day course in business start-up, where they learned how to start small businesses. At the end of that session, the MECC team provided professional tool-kits to some beneficiaries to help them launch their own businesses.

“I joined the cooking course, because I love this profession a lot and I think it’s a kind of art,” said one participant. “I will start working from home to meet the orders I receive from individuals and restaurants, until I save enough money to fulfill my dream of opening my own shop to sell different kinds of foods and sweets”, she added.

In turn, one of the participants expressed her great joy to participate in the women’s hairdressing course, and pointed out that she started working before the end of the session. “I started receiving women at home once I learned hair styling and dyeing. I already started earning money so I became able to pay for rent and buy food for my family. I can now support my family, since my husband have been suffering from hemiplegia from a year and a half”, she said.